Sherilyn BurnettDuring her last 28 years in practice, Sherilyn has worked for Primary Children’s Medical Center (Utah) and Children’s Specialized Hospital (NJ) prior to working in the Somerset Hills School District in NJ for the past 18 years.

During that time, Sherilyn has successfully worked with many children and families. Below is a selection of testimonials from clients and colleagues.

Although her area of expertise is in speech and language development, Sherilyn possesses a comprehensive knowledge of early childhood development. For example, she was trained in behavior modification and would help brainstorm and develop behavior plans with me. Sherilyn showed good insight into her students’ abilities and keenly used his/her strengths to help develop other areas needing improvement. She was patient and caring in her actions toward all the students in the classroom.

Michele Freda M.A. Ed. , Early Childhood Special Educator

I find Sherilyn to be professional and dedicated. She has an extensive understanding of child development and applies that knowledge in all aspects of her work. She is patient and kind, yet firm in her discipline. She maintains her authority in the therapy room, and the children respect and enjoy working with her. When working with the students, she is able to maintain their interest and attention.

Lisa Weber, MS, CCC/SLP , Speech/Language Pathologist

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! For the many years you’ve allocated to Libby and Alex... and to how you’ve turned them into incredible, confident children. You will always have a special place in our hearts.

The T. Family

Thank you so much for taking good care of McKenna the last year (and Mason in preschool). You made it fun to go to speech and used positive encouragement with her. Thanks so much!

The P. Family

Thank you for all your hard work with Anna. It is reflected in her each and every day.

K. P.

Thank you for the journey you have taken Zoe on. Never once did she ever complain or moan about the process. She was always 100% positive about speech. She has gotten to this point because of you! Thank you for your patience, guidance and support all along the way. As she leaves your room today, she is filled with great pride. You are, were and will always be a big part of her journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

L. M.

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