Excellent Speech and Language Skills Are The Key To A Successful Life

Sherilyn Burnett specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children with speech, language, articulation and social/pragmatic delays and disorders.

Treatment is individualized based upon your child’s needs, interests and goals. Therapy involves the family to facilitate carry-over of goals to the home. Where appropriate, coordination of services with the schools is provided to provide carryover of skills to the school environment as well.

Your child’s evaluation may be covered by your health insurance. You will need to check with your individual provider for details. Click here for helpful information.

Getting Started

First Step

Contact Burnett Speech Therapy and speak with Sherilyn Burnett about your concerns. At that time we will determine the appropriate evaluation, consultation, and/or treatment plan.

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An individual evaluation will be scheduled based upon your child’s needs and will assess any areas of difficulty. The evaluation consists of parent and child interviews (when appropriate), clinical observations and formalized testing. Results of the evaluation will be discussed as well as recommendations.



An individualized program will be developed to focus on your child’s needs with functional goals to support your child’s development. Therapy sessions are usually scheduled for 1-2 times per week.

Speech Therapy

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